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By Haydn ReesJones / 06 Aug 2019

Is your organisation ready for the changes to safeguarding adults policy and procedures?

To assist North Yorkshire Safeguarding Adult Board (NYSAB) partners with the changes to the multi-agency approach to safeguarding adults a toolkit has been developed.

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By Haydn ReesJones / 08 Jun 2019

Let’s Talk About Dementia

To help young people understand Dementia and how it may affect their loved ones Dementia UK have put together this...

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By Haydn ReesJones / 07 Jun 2019

CQC’s statement on the BBC Panorama programme

Dr Paul Lelliott, Deputy Chief Inspector of Hospitals (lead for mental health) at the Care Quality Commission, has given CQC's...

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By Haydn ReesJones / 07 Jun 2019

Domestic abuse and homelessness

According to a report by Crisis and the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Ending Homelessness, nearly 2,000 domestic abuse survivors are...

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By Haydn ReesJones / 05 Jun 2019

Herbert Protocol

The Herbert protocol is a national initiative adopted by the force which aims to provide the police with quick, detailed information about a person's background and history to help speed up the time taken to find them.

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